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Our people define, reflect and drive Yokohama, so attracting and keeping quality staff is a priority for the company. We encourage a dynamic composition of people in our workforce to enhance diversity in knowledge, experience, ideas and perspective.

Here are some great reasons to work for Yokohama:

  • Continuous technical and management training programs to develop       skills and experience
  • Generous medical, hospitalization and insurance benefits covering staff and their spouses and children. Wide network of panel clinics and hospitals across the country
  • Generous annual corporate and performance bonuses
  • Staff purchase price on Yokohama products, including automotive batteries
  • Possess forklift driving license/ certificate
  • Able to work in shift
  • Attend break down and troubleshoot machinery
  • Able to read electrical system wiring
  • Daily warehouse operations such as picking, packing, loading and unloading of stock
  • Daily housekeeping of all local inventories within the warehouse


Yokohama Batteries is Malaysia’s top lead acid automotive battery manufacturer, with exports to over 40 countries. Their electrochemical research and development lab is one of the finest in the region. The organization traces its origins back to 1967, and their manufacturing plant is located in Semenyih, Selangor. It is the largest and most advanced battery manufacturing facility in the country. Residing on 36 acres of land, this integrated battery plant features automated lines, one of the finest Research and Development laboratories in the region, and full engineering capabilities. n almost 50 years Yokohama Batteries have grown to become the leading battery manufacturer and brand in Malaysia and high export linked distributor in 40 over countries.

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